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US Economic Update First Quarter 2024

US Economic Update Quarterly 10th May Final Release

Alphabet Inc. (NYSE: GOOGL) Valuation March 2024

Alphabet Inc (NasdaqGS: GOOGL) Intrinsic Valuation Alphabet Inc. will continue to sustain healthy growth in advertising and subscriptions. Investments in…

Apple Inc ( NasdaqGS : AAPL) Intrinsic Valuation

Apple Inc ( NasdaqGS : AAPL) has experienced a negative annual revenue growth of -0.5% over prior year in the…

Economic Update US Q3 Update

US Economic Update Quarterly November 2023

Dell Technologies Inc. (NYSE : DELL) Valuation September 2023

Dell Technology Valuation Summary September 2023

Quarterly Economic Update – Q2 2023

US Economic Update Quarterly August 2023

Telsa, Inc. (NasdaqGS:TSLA) Valuation May 2023

Tesla Valuation Summary 8th May 2023

IBM Corporation Inc. (IBM) Valuation Report February 2023

IBM Valuation Feb 2023

Meta Platform Inc. (META) Valuation 10th Feb 2023

Meta Platform Inc. (META) Valuation 10th Feb 2023 10YR Bond Yield 3.67% Market Risk Premium : 6.73% Size Risk Premium…

AMAZON INC (AMZN) Valuation Report 19th Feb 2023

Amazon Inc. (AMZN) Valuation 15th Feb 2023 Key Concern : Revenue Growth slowing down. CAGR (2021-2023) -5.92% Sales, General Admin…