Managing for Fund Performance

As an extension to our valuation work, we in Silkstone Capital make investments in equities, which are the good mixes of young, high growth and mature companies. We apply a set of guiding principles, which are deemed best practices in value investing. Some of these principles include a superior risk adjusted rate of return based on growth and strong cash flow as well as the opportunity to invest at the early stage of the high potential companies in the clean energy, renewable and advanced technology space. The fund makes conscious decision to cash in profit with the ability to exit from the investment within three to five year timeframe.

Key Facts

Performance Outcome: To generate 10% or more market return on investment cost over two to three year period by investing through a well-diversified portfolio of high quality Australian and International Securities.

Managing Technique :  Long Position of equities up to 50%; up to 15% fixed income; up to 25% cash holding ; Long and Short Position of Range bound equities, up to 10%, High Growth

Number of Securities Held: 30-40

Investment Period: 2- 3 years

Reporting: Monthly Stock Position, Quarterly Investor update, Half Yearly performance report